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Meeting of Minds – Scalp Guru

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Posted on 23 May 2017, by editor

Finishing Touches attend Scalp Guru Meeting of Minds Conference

So, the world’s first independent scalp micropigmentation event took place on Friday 12th May. The Meeting Of Minds 2017 was hosted in the United Kingdom by Scalp Guru, at the beautiful Malmaison Hotel in Leeds.

Dawn & Emma we delighted to have met and caught up with everyone in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry including FTGs Master Educator, Trainers and friends.

See you all at the Manchester & USA event in 2018 🙂

Finishing Touches Group & MicropigMANtation are members of Scalp Guru to help promote and educate students in the Micropigmentation industry.

Pictured above are FTG trainers Jackie Samways, Gail Proudman and Marcia Trotter.

Below is Craig Bottomley High, Emma Furlong and Michael Koumis.

Successful Scalp Micropigmentation Story

From Cameraman to Scalp Technician & Beyond…..
This short video shows how training in Scalp Micropigmentation can transform your life. Scott is a successful business man who has been so inspired by the industry he has not only undergone the treatment himself but is now a fully qualified Scalp Micropigmentation technician.

Are looking to take the next leap in your career or maybe wish to add SMP to your existing practice? There are many factors that determine the success of a new scalp micropigmentation business. Your location, client service, pricing structure and sales and marketing strategy all play a part, however nothing influences the fate of your company quite like your reputation. Reputation is determined by the quality of your results, so you need the best scalp micropigmentation training available.

Our unique training programmes offer an unrivaled educational experience followed by excellent on-going support. Our courses are a proven balance of theoretical and hands-on learning. All courses provide information on both permanent and semi permanent implantation techniques. Whether you are thinking of setting up a stand alone studio or wanting to incorporate Scalp Micropigmentation into your existing practice, let our team of experts help and guide you to choosing the correct pathway to success.

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