Master the art of 3d lips

FTG are proud to launch our very own revolutionary technique & masterclass known as Velvet Lips by Tonya McGee . Launching in January 2017, FTG unveil a new needle, a new velvet lip pigment range and a Masterclass which allows technicians to conquer the newest and on trend Semi Permanent lip treatment available on the market.


Using a combination of lining, light effect shading and an artistic blending technique using our new needle, you can learn to make lips look fuller and perfectly symmetrical, whilst also giving them a deeper natural colour to keep your clients looking their best every day. Finishing Touches Group & Tonya have perfected this masterclass by combining our new Sweet Lips range of pigments which hold true to their colour.

3D Velvet Lips By Tonya Mcgee

3D Velvet Lips By Tonya Mcgee

3D Velvet Lips By Tonya Mcgee

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