Semi permanent make up training: Your questions answered

Where do you find your clients?


The moment you pay your deposit and arrange dates for you training, Finishing Touches post you the marketing material in the form of leaflets and posters to begin promoting the procedures.If you are not a salon owner, or you do not have a client base to approach, you can put posters up everywhere, at the gym, health centre, local pool, schools etc.You may wish to consider advertising and building interest in the procedures, even before you have completed your training and social media sites are always a good place to start.Many salons look for a Finishing Touches trained technician to run a clinic and offer their clients semi-permanent make up. Start approaching salon owners now to see if there would be an interest. You can offer a percentage of the profit from the procedure, or a flat fee.It is often a good idea to run an Open Evening in order to demonstrate the procedure. Offer a discount for those that book a procedure as a result.As a Finishing Touches trained technician you will be listed on our find a technician page on our website.Build your own website. Your trainer will teach you how to take photographs of all your procedures, take them carefully to build a bank of images to promote your work. In the meantime Finishing Touches have a disc of images that you can use to produce a website.

Where should you offer these procedures?

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Insurance requires you work from a dedicated room with a washable floor and easy access to hot and cold running water. Unless you have your own salon, a great way to reach as many clients as possible is through other people’s premises. Salon owners have requests for these procedures and you can be their solution. There is so much profit in each procedure that you can offer a salon owner a fixed rate or percentage of a procedure for every one they book for you.

Will you need to arrange clinical waste and Sharps Collection?

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Yes! Finishing Touches supply you with a Sharps box as part of your Diploma kit, for your needles and clinical waste. You will need to contact a local company to arrange for this to be collected.

Do you need a licence?

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Yes! You will need to contact the council in your local area to gain a health and safety licence to offer these procedures. Rest assured, Finishing Touches training and our Precision Plus adheres to all current and foreseeable requirements.

Where will you get insurance?


When you train with Finishing Touches and buy a Diploma Kit, you will get your first year’s insurance as part of your kit. As a Finishing Touches trained technician, subsequent annual premiums will be around £185.

Where do you find your case studies?


Your case studies are the launch pad for your marketing campaign. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Choose your case studies carefully. Offer the procedures to whoever will spread the word about what you are offering and charge for them! By the time you complete the 4 days of your Diploma Training you will be offering beautiful natural looking semi-permanent make up procedures. We suggest you charge £75 for each of your case studies. You are covered by Finishing Touches insurance at this stage of your training.

If you have found a salon owner that is interested in you offering procedures through her salon, offer the girls that work there a reduced rate procedure to launch your marketing campaign. These can be your case studies.

How much should you charge?


Finishing Touches suggests you charge around £300-£400 per procedure. Do some research and find out what is being charged in your area. Clients travel for miles to find a Finishing Touches trained technician for a procedure. Have confidence in the value of your offer. Keep your prices high. You can always offer a discount. It will cost you as little as £20 in consumables to offer one of the procedures. The profit margin is huge!

How do you pay for your training and kit?

Funding for Finishing Touches Diploma Kit

Funding for Finishing Touches Diploma Kit

Your training needs to be paid in advance, but you can buy your kit in monthly instalments with a Finishing Touches monthly payment plan (subject to a credit check). The training element of your Diploma course costs £3950 plus VAT (£4740 total).

Alternatively, you may find funding through a Career Development Loan, Finishing Touches are registered as a learning provider with the CDL, and lots of our trainees find finance for their training and kit through this route.

Or, Clerical Medical Finance offer finance for both training and kit. Part of their lending criteria is that you are a home owner. So if you are, ask one of the team for contact details.

You are ready to train – what is your next step?


If you are ready to train, grab one of the team and let us know what dates you would like and where you want to train.