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Conversion Course

If you have trained abroad or have a qualification which is not recognised by insurance companies, you will be required to complete a conversion course. Successful completion of this course will allow you to work safely and confidently within the UK.

“I trained in semi permanent makeup in Iran but could not use my skills in the UK until I completed my course with Finishing Touches. Now I can continue my career in the UK with the safe knowledge that I have the backing of Finishing Touches behind me”

There are 3 modules to cover. You will first submit a portfolio of 12 case studies and we will assess you prior learning. If your case studies meet all assessment criteria you may proceed onto the Orientation module which lasts ½ day and then complete the Practical module which lasts 1 day.

Prior learning module:

You will be required to submit a portfolio showing 4 permanent make up eyebrow procedures, 4 eyeliner procedures (both top and bottom) and 4 lip procedures. Your procedures should be a mix of new treatments and re-touch treatment.

Orientation module

You will need to sit this module if you have not trained with a recognised training provider. It is designed to ensure you have covered all areas of health and safety as specified under national UK protocols.

On this module you will learn:

  • Aseptic practice and equipment knowledge
  • Hygiene
  • Health and Safety
  • PPE
  • Biohazards
  • Protocol and local legislation
  • Regulations and licensing
  • Setting up your work area
  • Insurance
  • Record keeping

Equipment and needles:

  • What needles are available
  • When and how to use
  • Needle safety
  • How to care for you machine
  • Setting up a clinic
  • Essential equipment

Conversion module

On this module you will cover:

Knowledge Update :

Completion of health and safety questionnaire
Specific advice and feedback and procedures
Machine and pigment safety checks and advice


You will need to bring along a model/s and we will assess you whilst you complete eyeliner, eyebrow and lip treatments.

Upon successful completion of all 3 modules you will be provided with Finishing Touches certification. If you do not meet the approved standards, we will provide you with a recommended learning programme.


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Simply Call 01444 414744 today to book, discuss dates and training venues

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