The Semi-permanent make-up & aesthetic specialists located in the heart of Kensington,London.

Finishing Touches Group are proud to introduce our sister company the Aurora Centre of Excellence clinic. Aurora offer cutting edge cosmetic, aesthetic & medical procedures at affordable prices in the heart of London.

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Finishing Touches Group our proud to be in clinical partnership with the Aurora Centre of Excellence.  A centre dedicated to patient care and procedural excellence, based in a discreet clinic in the heart of Kensington, London. Aurora also works in association with prestigious centres across the country.

We have selected a team of leading experts from the medical, aesthetic and cosmetic fields who work in harmony, using cutting edge safe products and techniques.

Our rage of treatments are unique and diverse and supported by our online shop, featuring a bespoke collection of hand picked post procedure and must have products.

We understand what people WANT and we can cater for what people NEED! From semi-permanent eyeliner that will save the time needed to apply them in morning if you have a busy lifestyle, to semi-permanent eyebrows that can re-create balance and symmetry after accident or injury.

Aurora & Finishing Touches Group are thrilled to have Eva Mylona working for the businesses as she has been working in the beauty industry for nine years and for the duration of this time she has been practicing Semi-Permanent Make-Up.

Eva graduated in Aesthetics and Cosmetology from the faculty of Health and Caring Professions at Athens’ TEU. Holding four certificates in Semi-Permanent Make-up from different countries, a degree in Aesthetics and having attended many different dermatology and medical aesthetics conferences, has qualified her to treat clients in a prestigious Harley street clinic.

Eva successfully introduced Semi-Permanent Make-Up into several clinics in Greece while working as an aesthetician before coming to the UK. She has treated hundreds of clients and takes particular satisfaction from offering treatments to sufferers of conditions such as alopecia, cancer and trichotillomania.
In order to exceed her clients expectations Eva constantly researches innovation and is at the top of the industries game.

Semi Permanent Makeup Lips

Semi Permanent Makeup Lips

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