Taking Male Grooming To The Next Level

The ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment

Do you currently provide Scalp Micropigmentation treatments, or wish to tackle the male grooming industry? Well look no further! Finishing Touches are proud to launch our brand new concept, Meso4Men.

This one day workshop teaches you how to maximize the profits from the same machine used for scalp micropigmentation.

Discover how to :
•Help prep the scalp prior to tattooing, for maximum implant retention
•Stimulate potential hair growth
•Master male facial skin rejuvenation

Digital skin needling can also be used to trigger the body’s natural defense mechanism. The trauma caused can stimulate the body to produce proteins, which are responsible for the production of new hair follicles. As well as this, serums can be infused into the scalp by using the safety cartridge needles reservoir to deliver the substances into the scalp directly. This helps cleans and preps the scalp for scalp micropigmentation.

Male Grooming is Booming

Furthermore, Meso4Men isn’t just for people who want scalp micropigmentation. Meso4Men can help smooth out wrinkles and tell-tale signs of ageing. Male grooming is booming, and our Meso ME range of treatments are great additions to barbers and anyone who works in male beauty.  Meso ME cell boost substances penetrate right into the intersection between the epidermis and dermis. This provides maximum effect directly at the problem areas. As well as this, treatments cause minimal trauma, have maximum results, and minimal downtime as and the redness dissipates within 1-2 hours.

We are the only UK distributor for these products. To suit the needs of micropigmentation technicians, we have partnered and worked extensively with Ameia to tailor make these products.

Furthermore, by attending this workshop you will also have the opportunity to network and discuss micro pigmentation techniques with your industry colleagues and experts


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