Combined Nano and Salt & Saline Workshop

Learn how to use our newest needle, as well as an effective and safe SPMU removal method, all for the price of one regular workshop!

Nano and Salt & Saline Workshop

Nano and Salt & Saline Workshop

The Nano – the new needle from Finishing Touches

The Nano needle has got everybody talking!  Finishing Touches are bringing their exclusive Nano and Salt & Saline Workshop around the country to you.

You will cover:

– Nano Needles – the sharp facts. Beautifully crafted – engineered precision.
– The progression of eyebrow shapes and styles and the importance of hair placement with practice drawing
– Trainers tips and tricks as well as demonstrations
– Practical hands-on experience
– Q & A

The Nano is a super fine and flexible needle. It is the perfect tool for creating intricate eyebrow designs made up of the most natural hair strokes. The beauty of the needle is its fine tapered tip and flexibility. This needle undulates into the skin causing less trauma, as well as implanting pigments more precisely and predictably than ever before. Furthermore, the Nano 2 is now our fastest selling needle configuration ever!

Salt and Saline

This workshop will also teach you the skills to perform safe and effective removal of semi permanent make up using the salt and saline method.

Salt/Saline will cover

  • The salt and saline method
  • The science of the application
  • Technique and needle

The treatment is safe and offers clients an alternative to other removal processes.

We aim to provide you with an educational, fun day full of SPMU expert talks, demonstrations and time to practice and perfect the ‘Nano needle’, as well as the Salt and Saline method.


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