As akin to fashion trends, we see beauty constantly evolving and it is the same with permanent makeup. Defined hairstroke brows have moved on to ombre powered brows. In 2019, we see a messier bigger-is-better, full natural and brushed-up brows, emerging from the catwalks.

Finishing Touches offer a wide range of training courses, workshops & masterclasses for those just beginning their career or those wishing to diversify, develop and refine their skills within the industry.
We have an extensive group of experienced trainers with hundreds of years of combined knowledge, all of whom are experts in their field.

Nowadays techniques along with hand tools and machines allow experienced technicians to customise treatments to meet the client’s taste and desires.
So without further aduo we introduce our latest creation ‘Just Ombre’

Brows are BIG business and styles are forever changing. Embark on Finishing Touches latest ‘Just Ombre’ training course. You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but must have a steady hand and the will to succeed. The course will take you from complete novice to a fully confident, certified practitioner.
This course is also ideal for specialists working within the industry who would like to enhance the treatments offered.

What is an Ombre brow?

Ombre gives an incredibly natural finish that’s wonderfully flattering for any brow. It works brilliantly on all skin tones, all types of brow hair densities, and it can be natural or strong to suit your clients needs. It’s all about the application technique, and it can be perfectly tailor to suit each and every brow. From light to deeper brow shades, defined arches to shaped brows with depth & dimension. Turn shapeless, flat brows into defined, contoured brows in an instant.

Examples of an Ombre Brow

Ombre Brow Before & After

How much is the course? 

Just Ombre Brows is a 5 day course price at £1,950+VAT and taught to Level 4 standard.

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