Dawn Forshaw is the owner and CEO of FTP, who offer foundation and advanced educational programmes and equipment in all areas of micropigmentation and skin rejuvenation in the UK, and internationally.

Dawn’s journey into micropigmentation started in 1996 as a technician, then trainer, then innovator and she now heads probably the largest school and supplies company in the United Kingdom.

Dawn has gathered a great team of UK educators who collectively have won many of the UK’s industries illustrious awards. Such as Lifetime Achievement (Dawn Forshaw), Special recognition for services to the industry (Head Trainer, Tarryn Vice). In addition, FTP have the only educator to attain a double win in Medical Micropigmentation (Kelly Forshaw)

FTP sees the Finishing Touches UK brand “go global”.   Dawn’s team have expanded into global education, lecturing and training internationally. Dawn recognises passion and talent and is bringing to the UK top artists to share their knowledge to her UK customers.   She is also setting up strategic alliances and expanding her brand by partnering with some of the industries finest affiliates and medical professional, with joint ventures in hairloss restoration and areola artistry, and burns and scar camouflage.

2020 will see

FTP be “the school for me”. Caring support and great customer service will continue to be a priority for Dawn and her team.

The 2020 vision:

20 courses in 20 different venues throughout the world.  Offering education and support in:·

  • Semi-Permanent Makeup / PMU and MB
  • SMP / Scalp micro and scalp treatments.
  • Hairloss Micropigmentation
  • Areola Artistry and Excellence and LD camouflage
  • Scar and burns re-pigmentation, and all day camouflage cover.
  • FFR / Facial feature restoration.
  • Pigment Removal / skin Repair / re-pigmentation and correctional guidance.

As well as extensive “on-line in your own time” modules and live filming – FTP/Production.

Dawn has also realised no matter how well trainees do in class the way forward is a three way route to excellence:

Education. Practice. Marketing.

Therefore FTP are setting up more ways to help and improve their trainees. FTP are no different to their trainees – always striving to find ways to improve!

Team Finishing Touches possess some of the most advanced knowledge in the industry, yet the trainers themselves are always perfecting their skills and expanding their knowledge, to bring FTP trainees innovation and excellence

FT’s solid reputation is synonymous with a professionalism and commitment to improving procedures through education – a service that many other companies promise, but very few deliver.

Dawn has created a global programme called SIMS / Safety in Micropigmentation. A campaign on keeping the industry safe and information for clients/patients on what is a safe procedures.

Dawn says.  “I am passionate about quality education, industry standards and working in combination with those in the industry, from skin specialists to hair restoration professionals, to give the very best possible answers and procedural solutions. By putting colour back into the skin, we are putting colour back into people’s lives”.