Welcome to you all.

What a rollercoaster – or CoronaCoaster we  have all had !

Many of you are excited, and some of you will be daunted by the thought of “getting going”.  It took me a week to get into the new PC (post covid) way of working.  But you easily adapt.

We had Medical and Scalp Micropigmentation return last week.  We saw Boris announce that all facial procedures can re-start on the 1st  August (for which I am excited and relieved) however,  “call me cautious”  but I just need to read the updated guidance before I can truly believe, until I do I am still anxious about any “surprises” that may be in store for our high risk treatments.  We can get our customers to wear a mask for eyeliner and eyebrows, we can’t for lip procedures.

We will need three tiers of acceptance to work :

  • The Governments “return to work” policy.
  • The insurers accepting the guidance.
  • The council accepting our risk assessments in accordance to government guidance.

Then we can smile, get going, and move forward.

To help you to prepare, we have put together a comprehensive document which we hope will help you to feel more confident with your return to work practices.  This whole document is available to download for FREE and if you would like the posters printed and laminated for you there is a small charge of £10 and can be purchased through the online shop.

Download FREE documents here


Purchase options available here 

Please do not consider what we have found as fact. Please ensure you seek appropriate advice from Governmental sources/websites to ensure that you and your clinic comply to all that is now required. The legislative information that governs our industry is enclosed, it is called SR12. Keep this website info safe, as changes can be made without notification, and you alone are responsible for keeping yourself up to date. It lists how we have always operated, but now we will suggest shields/visors as our preferred eye protection, to protect our faces better than before.
We now need to consider things such as new mask wearing protocols, as we need to be mindful of clients who are hard of hearing, and consider how we will offer support for people with disabilities, and adapt protocols. We also suggest NO jewellery: for ourselves or our clients to eliminate any hazard. This has been standard but is now reinforced to even earrings and necklaces. Covid likes metal!