Kelly interviews Needle Guru, Taryn Quinterri! Taryn is recognised in the United States and globally for her excellent Scalp Micropigmenation, Colour and Ink Theory alongside her Needle expertise. Experienced in holding regular Needle Knowledge Webinars, in this episode Taryn will discuss important needle topics, such as configuration, sizes and tapers, what needles she uses for each treatment and how to assess its quality.

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This episode was sponsored by Ripar. Created by a professional makeup artist and a renowned plastic surgeon, the star product, RiparCover Cream Foundation, was originally formulated to cover tattoos, imperfections and scaring. Visit the Ripar website to find out more.

Taryn is Paramedical Tattoo Artist and Skincare Technicianat at Cosmetic Aesthetics

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You can find out more about Taryn’s journey here

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In the video, Taryn talks about ‘Microchanneling’. This is a cosmetic procedure that consists of tiny tapping techniques in the top layers of the skin, which she refers to as “channels” for product penetration. 

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