Get to know the amazing Matthew Lulo aka The Scalp King in a fun Scalp Micropigmentation Speed Date! In this episode, Kelly mixes it up by asking the Director of Scalp Micro USA the most pressing questions such as… what’s the top two inks he likes to work with, what’s his favourite hairline and whether he likes salt & vinegar or cheese & onion crisps! As well as Matt’s personal insights, he also offers some fantastic fast tips and tricks for Scalp Micropigmentation in this episode.

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Show Notes:

This episode was sponsored by Ripar. Created by a professional makeup artist and a renowned plastic surgeon, the star product, RiparCover Cream Foundation, was originally formulated to cover tattoos, imperfections and scaring. Visit the Ripar website to find out more.


Matt is the Director and Specialist Lead SMP Artist at Scalp Micro USA.

Matt also has developed his own SMP ink, moisturiser and shine called Folicule


Admires a range of SMP artist that he worked early on Paul Clark. You can watch Paul Clark’s interview here.


If you’re interested in Scalp Micropigmentation, you can check out our SMP course.



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