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Aurora welcomes our new ACE/TEC Jemma Harrison – SMP/Hair Loss Master

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Posted on 03 Oct 2017, by editor

Scalp Micro Procedures @ Aurora

Hi! I’m Jemma.

So, my story in a nut shell – I had 3 children very quickly, over 4 years in fact, and after breastfeeding and being pregnant, suddenly I lost 2/3rds of my hair – scary isn’t even the word! I was convinced I was going to lose
all my hair and started booking appointments to see hair loss specialists

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Then my husband also started losing his hair – classic male pattern baldness. I saw first hand how much it
affected his confidence and how sad it made him. So I thought – we can’t be the only people going through
this? Right?
I started to google and research, and realised there were so many others in this same awful cycle of fear, worry
and loss of self confidence. I decided that actually there must be something I could do to help myself and others.
Then I found Finishing Touches. From the reviews online, they were by far the most professional and highly
accredited school for learning, so I booked onto their SMP scalp micropigmantation course! In short, I have
never looked back!

I loved my training and quickly realised I was a natural. Once I had completed the training, I started offering hair
loss solutions. My word – did I have a lot of response from others in my same situation! It makes me so happy that every day I can change people’s lives so dramatically that I can bring them to actual tears – tears of happiness and relief.

I love my job. I love people and I want to continue changing their lives, giving them back their confidence and making them happier every day of my waking life!
I have also now trained in eyebrow tattooing so I can help clients with full alopecia and also clients who would just like a little more brow definition to jump out of bed to in the mornings.

So that’s my story – making people smile, one at a time.

Call or click Aurora to schedule a private Skype chat with Jemma
to discuss your 24/7 hair loss solutions.
0330 400 4350



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