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Posted on 31 Jan 2019, by editor
SMP is rapidly becoming a popular choice for those affected by hair loss. With so many variables to this seemingly straight forward procedure, you maybe wondering what makes the perfect Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

As a reputable one-stop-shop, in combination with our extensive background within the micropigmentation industry, we have everything to provide budding students with the best of the best! Did we forget to mention we have 21+ years of experience within training, manufacture & procedural excellence.
We have seen the good, bad and the ugly and we are writing this today to raise awareness and standards for future technicians.
Choosing the correct machinery, needles and training school is key to your success.



1. Tools of the trade

Choosing a suitable SMP machine is like choosing a pair of clippers or maybe a car? Where do you start? What brand is the best but yet affordable? Finishing Touches Group have designed our latest machine to be all three of those. Vytal scalp has a stylish look while being the perfect size to transport or store away but has the precision & power of our award-winning devices. There are many machines capable of carrying out SMP but what were they designed for…tattooing or micropigmentation? The difference may seem subtle but the effect can be dramatic, with differing techniques and compatible ‘suitable’ components.
A machine must not just fit the budget, it must also be fit for purpose and come from a reputable supplier with providence for supply. Does it have a warranty or a replacement loan service in the event of a technical issue? Are the ancillary products, needles etc, fit for purpose and how versatile is the machine if you would like to progress your SMP skills into other hair loss or micropigmentation procedures?

2. Safety Comes First

As the micropigmentation industry has evolved to encompass semi- permanent make up, medical and scalp micropigmentation there is now even more choice of suppliers for technicians to select their needles and ancillary products. As a result, we have seen an increase in modified and fake needles being sold across the UK. These needles pose a high potential threat to customer safety, with ‘un-clean’ needles being un-sterile and therefore un-safe. The cheaper prices create increased interest…but is a couple of pounds really worth the risk to your clients and ultimately your business. Always ask your potential supplier what level of sterilisation their needles have before committing to buy.

3. Choosing the right training school

The key to success is not only in the equipment you are using, it is also finding a training provider who can cover all of your and your businesses needs. Budget is often a key factor in decision making, with quite a range of prices available. But should never be the final decision maker, get a feel for the people you liaise with and look at the experience of the trainers and company. Have a think about your own needs; do you want a course that covers semi-permanent SMP, long lasting SMP or both? Do you want/need an accreditation? Do you want a course that offers on-going support and mentoring with potential to advance your skills? Do you want to train with a well established and reputable training school? Do you want to have a positive training experience with education and hands-on training? Do you want to invest in yourself and your business? Do you want to learn EVERYTHING you need to work safely and effectively in SMP? If the answer is yes to the above then FTG are the school for you. With competitive training packages available it is time to get in touch, contact us and let us guide you into SMP greatness!

4. Taking the next step in your barbering career

Without a shadow of a doubt, barbers are skilled professionals however with margins being cut and the average barbering client spending £20, are you ready to earn some serious cash?
SMP is the perfect add-on procedure to increase your barber shops revenue. Whether you are thinking of setting up a standalone studio or wanting to incorporate SMP into your existing business, let our team of experts help and guide you to choosing the correct pathway to success. SMP is an effective solution for an extensive range of hair loss conditions, from male and female pattern baldness to transplantation scarring. This new element of your business will enhance your client base and extend the treatments you offer.
The list of those SMP can help is endless:
• Male and female pattern hair loss
• Receding hairlines
• Crown hair-loss
• Head injury
• Camouflaging scars and burns
• Densification
• Post-transplant density and scar coverage
• Alopecia conditions
• Damaged hair due to hair systems and extensions


It’s time to take your business to the next level, take the leap and contact us today!!


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