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New for 2017 – Brow Excellence and Corrective Solutions

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Posted on 06 Oct 2017, by editor

Brow Excellence and Corrective Solutions – a mix of classic and new pigments perfect for all skin types.

Launching in early 2017, the Brow Excellence range has become one of our fastest selling and most popular ranges of core pigments. Featuring a mix of rebranded Precious Pigments classics (such as Brown Bonanza which is now Macadamia), as well as new colours such as Walnut and Pistachio, there is a brown for everyone in this range.

Pinenut (New) Warm light chocolate brown – add ‘Blonde It’ for a light blonde client for a warm healed result or add “Blonde Cool It’ for a light ash blonde.

Macadamia (was Brown Bonanza) One of our favourite browns which heals true to its colour without needing to be mixed. A stable brown, perfect for dark blondes/pale brunette.

Cashew (was Billion Dollar Brown) Medium brown with cool undertones. Mix with a drop of one of the Warmup colours to achieve a perfect balance of depth of colour and true brown finish. Perfect for all brunettes.

Pistachio (NEW) Medium/ dark brown. Perfect for those clients who like the dark brown finish. Use neat for a warm toned brunette.

Chestnut (was Topaz) Dark brown, perfect for brunettes. Slightly warmer than cashew but heals with a slightly plummy undertone, so works well for a brunette with a plum hair tone.


Brazil Nut (was Onyx) The darkest true brown in the range. Cool under-tones, but mixed with a warmup colour, you will achieve a stunning dark brown brow for dark to black haired clients.


Walnut (New) Developed for those clients for whom a dark brown is just not dark enough. A cool brown/black, add “Blue Out” to achieve the perfect colour.


Corrective Solutions

Launched alongside to Brow Excellence was our new Corrective Solutions range. These pigments are rebranded classics (for example King of Khaki is now Blonde Cool It), which will make it easier for technicians to identify and work out what pigment they need for correcting colours.


Blonde It (was Tigers Eye) A fabulous colour for blondes. The base colour is a cool yellow. Mix with any brow colour to lighten.


Blonde Warmup (was Toffee Treat) This is a great colour for brows that have healed too ashy. The base colour is warm yellow.


Brunette Warmup (was Copper Sienna) Great corrector colour for when eyebrows look a bit blue.


Blonde Cool It (was King of Khaki) Corrector colour for red/pink tones or can be used to achieve a cooler tone for blondes.


Brunette Cool It (was Opulent Olive) Corrector colour for an eyeliner especially smudgy and layered eyeliners.

Purple Balance (was Golden Glory) Can be used to correct ash brows or cooler to create lighter browns from within within the range.


Blue Out (was C70) Adds warmth without lightening tone.


These pigments are the perfect addition to your collection. Order now online or by calling us at head office on 01444 414 744



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