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New Henna Brows Training Course At Finishing Touches

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Posted on 05 Feb 2019, by editor

 Enter the school of Henna Brows Class of 2019 is waiting for you

Powerful Brows for Powerful People


Welcome to the School of Henna. Are you an absolute brow addict who never wants to stop learning? This is your chance! We are offering two types of training where we will share our skills and knowledge to help you in becoming better in what you already are.
Learn how to create the most beautiful brows that will make hearts pound, confidence flow and establish empowerment. For a world of fearless women with flawless brows. Let’s make henna brows the hallmark of timeless beauty.

Being a brow artist is more than just plucking and tinting hairs. It’s a true art that is mastered by many years of experience and thousands of brows. Its your job to make your client shine bright and to create the most beautiful wow brows.
Here at FTG we are proud to introduce our latest training course, Henna brows. A unique programme designed to give clients an alternative to brow tinting.


We have 2 options for you:

Full Day – £399+ VAT (Includes free Henna starter kit)

The full day option will cover brow design, shaping & waxing in morning followed by the Henna application in the afternoon. Receive an exclusive FREE starter kit when purchasing the all day workshop.

Half Day – £299+ VAT

The half day option will commence in the afternoon where you will learn the Henna application process.
All students will receive the opportunity to receive the treatment on the day of training.
There are currently two venues offering Henna Brows training :
FTG’s head office in Haywards Heath or Kent.

Up & Coming Training Dates :

  • 16th Feb – Kent
  • 22nd Feb – Manchester
  • 1st March – Kent
  • 11th March – Haywards Heath
  • 16th March – Kent
  • 25th March – Haywards Heath

The Beauty of Henna
You can find the perfect shade for every skin tone.
Blonde – lightest skin tones
Golden Brown – honey blonde & warm blonde types
Light Brown- blondes and brunettes
Medium Brown – brunettes & Mediterranean types
Dark Brown – Mediterranean skin tones & darker

Bold & Beautiful

We are known for creating a range of eyebrow products that look good, feel great and have beautiful results. So what are you waiting for? Train with the best and offer this amazing skill within your business!

FAQ By Henna Trainer Stephanie Hadris

How much do you charge?

In my clinic I charge £25 for full treatment including waxing.

How long does it last?

1-2weeks on the skin and the whole lifespan of the hair which can be up to 6 weeks.

How long does it take?

45 mins for full brow design and shaping, 30 mins for just henna.

What Benefits does Henna bring to future SPMU clients?

This gives clients an idea of what their brows might look like with SPMU. I believe its’s the perfect treatment for clients to over come the nervousness of permeant makeup. Plus its a cost effective start which then has a natural progression onto microblading or digital brows.

Why you love Supercilium products?

They are super easy to use. There’s just the right amount of colours so it’s easy to pick the right one for your client. Less wastage and mess with the pots than with other brands plus the quality of the product is like no other.

What’s your Favourite colour in the Supercilium range?

This is a tough question, I would say Medium brown. Its so versatile as usually I leave the colour on longer for clients who require a darker brow and those who are looking for a softer look, I leave it on longer.



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