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Battle of the Needles – Plastic Meso vs Metal Meso

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Posted on 06 Oct 2017, by editor

Which is best for me?

With the launch of the Meso + Metal Meso training and the introduction of the metal needle plates and the new and exclusive Cell Biologique range of products, there have been a lot of questions about the difference between the Meso + and Meso ME. This is understandable –  at first it seems like the only difference is the type of needle used, so it seems like it would be hard to market. We hope that this breakdown will be helpful for you when it comes to marketing.

The Intensity

The first difference is the intensity of the metal needle in comparison to the plastic needle. There will be a greater level of discomfort due to the sharper needles and the fact it penetrates and breaks the skin easier. Meso ME plastic needles merely abrades and scuff the skin, letting the serum in through these breaks – Meso + metal needles penetrate it. However, the increase in trauma that it causes leads to increased results as it stimulates the body’s natural healing functions more.

The Results

Just like with Meso ME, Meso + provides maximum results with minimal trauma. The trauma is increased, but the pay off is that the results are better. Your clients redness will take longer to dissipate but the results speak for themselves:

The results are longer lasting than regular Meso ME. Meso ME can be marketed as a quick lunchtime fix; Meso +  is closer to dermarolling.  The needles penetrate deeper into the skin through the epidermis and deposit the serums  deeper down into the dermal-epidermal junction, leading to longer lasting and more fabulous results.

The Aftercare

Meso + procedures require more aftercare as the skin experiences more trauma than when plastic needles are used. Redness can usually last for 24 hours, rather than a few hours or so after plastic needles. The CB range contains specific moisturisers which can be used as aftercare depending on your client’s needs. As well as CB, we also stock various rejuvenating facemasks to help post-treatment.

Your Clients

Meso + is suitable for clients that have more difficult skin issues like acne scars or deeper set lines and wrinkles. The beauty of Meso + is that it targets the problem areas more directly by penetrating the skin. Longer lasting results means that clients only need to come in for a bi-monthly treatment.


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