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True Brows – Colour that will never disappoint!

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Posted on 23 Feb 2018, by editor

True Brows – Colour that will never disappoint

Brow colours that are true to their healed result! It’s the holy grail for every technician. A range with such positive results that we see no need to mix. Choose the right colour for your client, implant and wave goodbye to the thoughts in the back of your mind asking ‘what colour will they be when I see them next?’

When bladed these colour retain their warmth. When stokes are applied they don’t spread or bleed and when shaded hold density exactly where you need it.

Our range of 10 pigments give you a spectrum of shades from dark blonde to intense brown. The results speak for themselves.

Our master colour expert, Tarryn Vice, has spent months trialling and choosing the perfect pallet to stoke and shade with amazing results. Her favourite needle choice being a 4 flat for strokes and nano 2 for shading. Her extensive understanding of colour, it’s compounds and how it heals in the skin, means that this range has the backing of one of the most talented technicians in the industry and she will be taking her experience of this pigment range worldwide.

Bespoke Blading masters Susie and Tonya have taken on the range as their pigment of choice when nano blading. Never before have they seen colour retention like it. No more cool grey brows in the world of microblading, only perfect healed results every time.

Put your trust in the True Brows range and you will never look back.

We are so excited about the launch of this new pigment range which will change the way you think about pigment in the skin – but in order to reap the rewards of this new line you also have to change the way you think about implanting the pigment too.

Our colour master Tarryn Vice has put together some tips and tricks for perfect implantation and advice on what to expect from the healing process.

Do not wipe away with water – these are hydrophilic pigments (dissolve in water), therefore you will wipe and take pigment with you. Instead use our all new Micro Balm Foam. Lay the pigment over the skin for at least 3 minutes – before wiping away.

Be prepared to do 2 or 3 passes. Be prepared to do a top up.

some colours leave a yellow hue around the area – this is entirely normal for these type of pigments – don’t panic – the new wash will take it off in a couple of wipes.

    Remember – these pigments do not need mixing – change your mindset and trust the colours to stay true!    


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