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Vytal Skin – Launches at Professional Beauty North 2018

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Posted on 16 Oct 2018, by editor

VYTAL Skin – launches at Professional Beauty North 2018

Finishing Touches Group is proud to announce the launch of VYTAL Skin. This is the perfect skin needling machine that truly does it all. So easy to use, that any Level 3 trained beautician can perfect and hone their skin needling skills with this clever little machine. It truly takes skin needling to a whole new level producing incredible results for clients. What makes this machine unique, is the customised handpiece that is specifically made with a scaled marker. This strategically monitors the depth that the aesthetican works on the epidermis.

VYTAL Skin comes with three different needle variations that penetrate directly into the intersection of the epidermis and the dermis. It offers a plastic needling system for gentle abrasion, a 0.3 metal needle for more intense treatments and a 0.5 needle for ultimate targeted results.

Finishing Touches Group recommends using VYTAL Skin together with their range of Cell Biologique peels and serums to enhance the needling treatment. The procedure is so gentle that there is no downtime or need for topical numbing agents. The procedure abrades the surface of the skin leaving it looking healthy, plumped up, and glowing, and is particularly suitable for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The average treatment price is between £75 and £125 making this an extremely cost effective machine at only £1,500+VAT.

The VYTAL Skin is normally sold with a Level 4 training programme ‘Skin Needling & Superficial Skin Peels’, that is available from the Finishing Touches Group. It is a two-day course, with online learning and practical training across all three types of needle variations at £495 +VAT. It gives all aestheticians the opportunity of entering into the world of skin needling and peels for under £2K, which is an excellent return on investment.

Ideal for the mobile beautician as this compact and portable VYTAL Skin machine offers no downtime for clients and is quick and painless. It also provides the ideal treatment for all ages and skin conditions helping to plump up and rejuvenate the skin.

Dawn Forshaw (CEO of Finishing Touches Group) commented: “Skin Needling is a fantastic procedure for any beauticians or semi-permanent make up technicians, who want to expand their treatment menu. It gives clients a healthy glow and shows immediate results! What we love about the VYTAL Skin, is that it does it all and is perfect for any novice beauticians specialising in skin needling. Not only that, it will seamlessly guide them through their Level 4 training.”


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