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Posted on 18 Sep 2018, by editor


Although Finishing Touches Group is known as global leaders in the world of micropigmentation and semi permanent make-up. They are also recognised as trailblazers in area of micro-needling with their new Meso Skin Needling procedure.
Meso Skin Needling is an effective and painless procedure, which is conducted using any of the award-winning semipermanent make-up devices available from the Finishing Touches Group.

There are two different types of Meso Skin Needling procedures: The Meso Me uses a plastic needle and Meso + uses a metal needle. With just a simple change of the needle cartridge, the tilting needle plate instantly transforms any of the machines.

Meso Me is a ‘gentle’ skin needling concept using only plastic needles. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, with all redness dissipating within 1-2 hours of the procedure. This is particularly good for clients who want minimal trauma and downtime. Using a hyaluronic skin infusions from Cell Biologique and an 18-point plastic needle cartridge, the client will be able to see an almost instant improvement in skin texture and tone as well as less fine lines and wrinkles.

Meso + is a more intense skin needling concept, which is suitable for most skin types. Using skincare infusions and a 6 point metal 0.5 cartridge. Again, this treatment will not only help smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles but also help improve the skin tone. Meso+ combined with Cell Biologique products helps to address more specific issues that are under the dermis such as acne or rosacea.
The number of treatments recommended for Meso Skin Needling is anything from one to six sessions; these will depend on the client’s needs and the condition of the skin.

The procedure abrades the surface of the skin leaving the skin looking healthy, plumped up, glowing and is particularly suitable for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The average treatment price for Meso Me is £75 and for Meso+ and a skin peel is £125 the preferred skincare for this procedure is the Cell Biologique range and using their Cherry Peel, all of which are exclusive to Finishing Touches Group.

The Vogue

This is the newest device in the range, bringing you superior design and technology, together with the beauty of its precision and creativity. It is a multi-functional device and can be used for Meso Skin Needling as well as micropigmentation.

• Easy to use – elegant in design.

• Lightweight handpiece

• Low noise

• Easy to clean – no sterilisation required

• Free machine loan service for the lifetime of the warranty

• Low vibration for increased accuracy • Suitable for use with all pigment ranges. This machine kit contains: the handpiece, base unit, foot pedal, adapter and needle samples. Two-year warranty and a warranty loan scheme mean we will lend you a system whilst yours is with our technical team.

• The Vogue is suitable for cosmetic and medical tattooing – high usage, digital skin needling, tattoo removal and scalp Micropigmentation.

All machines have a two-year warranty. For extra peace of mind and in the unlikely event that that there is a problem with the system, Finishing Touches offer a free of charge loan service. Whilst the machine is being repaired a loan machine is sent out.

The Vogue is £2750+ VAT to purchase from Finishing Touches Group shop:
The Vogue device won The Best Micropigmentation Machine over £1500 at Micropigmentation UK awards 2018.

Dawn Forshaw CEO of Finishing Touches Group commented: “The Vogue Micropigmentation device is a stylish, sleek and perfect machine for any technician starting in the industry or looking to upgrade. We at the Finishing Touches Group are constantly evolving our courses, equipment to be at the forefront of the industry.”

Training for Meso Skin Needling

There is an entry level of training which is a two-day workshop that covers both the Meso Me and Meso+ and skin rejuvenation with theory and practical hands-on training. If someone is new to the industry or has not trained with Finishing Touches Group, they will be required to complete one day of online learning. The two-day workshop is £750 +VAT. Also offered is a choice of one day training for either Meso Me or Meso+. These workshops run every month (NB: These are only for semi-permanent make-up technician or fully trained micropigmentation technicians) and each of these one day workshops is £250+VAT
Detail for the Meso ME:

Details for Meso +:

If a therapist is trained by Finishing Touches Group and has graduated through the training, then these qualifications are recognised by most insurance companies. If a therapist follows the correct protocols, insurance and licenses; then a qualified practitioner can perform Meso skin needling, semi-permanent make-up, areola tattooing, medical tattooing and scalp micropigmentation.

Finishing Touches Group is currently taking bookings for training in Meso Skin Needling at Haywards Heath, Essex and Bedfordshire. For further enquiries please contact: Tel no: 01444 414744


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