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Posted on 22 Feb 2019, by editor


Our exclusive loyalty scheme that rewards your love of all things Micropigmentation ! It’s free, and it’s open to everyone. The more you collect, the more we’ll get to know you, and the more we can treat you – to offers, events and other exclusives you’ll love.


You can get started online right away!

The Details

For every £1 you spend online you will receive 5 points. Simple!!
When you have saved enough points you will receive discount milestone vouchers. You have two options you can either use this voucher towards your next shop or continue to save your points to reach further milestones.
Once a voucher has been used your points will revert back to 0.
This is a completely automated system but is ONLY available to online orders.

The good news!!
Everyone who already has an account will automatically get 250 points to start you off. Previous VIP’s will receive 500 points as a thank you.

You can view your FTP balance at all times from our shop homepage, everything from spending to earning to referrals and even how much you need to reach the next milestone discount etc. This can all be accessed by clicking the FTP club button at the bottom right of the page.

The Perks

Simply shop online & receive points for your love of all things Micropigmentation. Easy huh?

Money spent = equals points. Earn 3300 points and receive a £20 voucher, once you’ve spent your hard earnt points your balance goes back to 0. Alternatively if you’re a saver, save your points to reach a mile stone for a snazzy voucher!

New Products
Receive new product updates & be in with a chance of doubling your points on bonus days!

Who doesn’t love a gift
It’s my birthday
It’s my birthday
I’mma spend my money
Every year receive an exclusive Birthday bonus points treat!

Read FTG News
Automatically receive FTG E-News on a monthly basis! Our hard copies are unfortunately leaving us but on a positive note we are being kind to the environment!



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