Pixel Correct for Digital or Blade

Pixel Brows

Our specialist Pixel Correct course is the ultimate solution for colour correction, with our new and exclusive range of True Brow pigments.

Our unique technique can be carried out with either a digital system or hand held tool.

This course is a balance of theory and practice, which will give you the skill to be a pixel master.

Our True Brow Range

True Brows an organic pigment range with unique tri-colour technology to Blade, Stroke and Shade.

Not only are these pigments colour suitable for Blading, hair stroke and Ombre Brows but they stay true to their colour. No more guess work, no mixing and no disappointments on healed results. A True Brows brown that truly stays brown.

The ranges of these 10 pigments give a spectrum of shades from dark blonde to intense brown. The results speak for themselves. When Bladed these colours retain their warmth. When strokes are applied, they don’t spread or bleed and when shaded they hold the density exactly where needed.

You can view pricing and dates for this course on our online shop here

You can also view the new range of True Brow pigments on our shop here

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£495.00 plus VAT for trained FTG technicians

£750.00 plus VAT for non-trained

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