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Add value to those clients who have suffered from a trauma or injury by training in specialists medical tattooing.

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Make a difference to your clients’ lives with a 3-day medical tattooing masterclass

Medical tattooing adds colour to the face and body anywhere that colour is missing from injury trauma, as well as from birth defects, post-surgery or as an alternative to conventional surgery.

Our process involves implanting EU pharmaceutical medical grade hypo-allergenic pigments into the skin using a Class 2A classified machine, that has over 20 different needle configurations.
Furthermore, we do not implant as deeply as a regular tattoo, as colour adjustment and repositioning may be required in the future.

Medical tattooing offers the ‘finishing touch’ post surgery or to mask trauma scars and includes procedures for:

Nipple/areola pigmentation – Breast uplift/reconstructive scars – Scars and burns – Scar camouflage – Scar and burn contracture relaxation – Trauma and surgical scars – Skin rejuvenation for ice pick, box car or acne scars, stretch marks – Re-pigmentation – Vitiligo pigmentation, skin graft re-colouration – Facial feature restoration – No or partially missing brows – Cleft lip – Missing lip vermillion – Eye socket definition

Our Medical Masterclass provides a balanced programme of theory and practical learning using a range of excellent patient volunteers. You will learn how to offer your patients visual aesthetic improvements for:

The course is open to all trained medical professionals from the NHS/private hospitals/clinics or SPMU technicians who wish to progress their career. If you have no previous experience in medical tattooing, then you will be required to take an online induction course before proceeding to the Medical Masterclass.

Running order

The course lasts a total of 3 days, including theory and hands-on practice

Class size

All courses are based on a ratio of one trainer per four trainees, for maximum hands-on attention.

Hands-on experience

We supply all your models whilst training at our training centres.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued on the successful completion of the course.

Case studies

A Certificate of Competency will be issued after the successful completion of 5 acceptable

case studies per modality / section. These must be submitted by post for review.

For more information regarding, prices and dates please email or WhatsApp Amanda on 07399462149

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Fantastic results can be achieved for:

  • Areola pigmentation, LD and tram scar flattening and pigmention
  • Skin graft and vitiligo pigmentation
  • Scar and burns camouflage colouration
  • Scar and burns relaxation and improvement by MCA techniques and digital skin needling

Take advantage of this balanced programme of theory and practical learning using a range of patient volunteers.

What you’ll learn on your 3-day medical tattooing masterclass

How to offer your patients visual aesthetic improvements for:

  • Areola restoration and re-pigmentation.
  • How to camouflage scarring using pigmentation and micro needling.
  • Burns Relaxation
  • Vitaligo
  • Scar Minimization
  • Skin graft mosaic techniques.

What topics are covered in the 3-day medical tattooing masterclass?

  • Health, safety and sanitation.
  • Machine set up and breakdown.
  • Needle selection and techniques.
  • Colour theory.
  • Understanding your patients needs.
  • Effective pain control & numbing techniques.
  • Patient consultation and informed consent.
  • Hands on procedures of new and retouch patients.
  • Aftercare and dressings.

“As a Clinic Nurse Specialist working in plastic surgery and burns, the training at Finishing Touches is invaluable. From nipple areola tattooing to facial feature restoration, the training and continuing practical workshops have allowed us to provide a fully skilled service to our”
Anne Keogh, Senior Nurse Practitioner

Medical tattooing

Areola Tattooing

Cleft Lip Medical tattooing

Who should attend this 3-day medical tattooing masterclass?

Professionals in the NHS and private sectors; surgeons, burns and plastics specialists, breast nurses, anaplastologists, dermatologists and maxillofacial prosthetists who wish to set up a medical tattooing practice in their hospital or advance their skill and knowledge. Trained cosmetic tattoo specialists wishing to advance their aesthetic tattooing skills

What will you receive when you complete your 3-day medical tattooing masterclass?

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Certification of Attendance.

If you are a specialist who requires a Certificate of Competency, you must complete 5 case studies in each area and submit them to the Medical Training Manager in person. Your learning and understanding will be assessed prior to certification being obtained.

Is on-going support available after you complete your medical tattooing masterclass?

Rest assured, you will receive the support of trained specialists who are available at the end of the telephone to discuss any procedural, colour or technical queries you may have.

Can you get help with funding micropigmentation equipment and kit?

Find out about funding available and Machines & Kits by contacting

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