Model Appointments

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Our Model Program

Finishing Touches is a semi-permanent makeup training school and product supply company. We run a cosmetic and medical tattooing clinic from our Head Office in Haywards Heath, offering an extensive model program.

Cosmetic Tattooing

We frequently have appointments available for semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip treatments, provided at discounted rates. Semi-permanent brows can help accentuate and frame the face, and you’ll be able to wave goodbye to stressful mornings and poked eyes with beautifully applied 24/7 eyeliner. All cosmetic treatments cost £50

We also offer a tattoo-removal service, using the salt and saline method, priced at £50

Medical Tattooing

Additionally, we provide an extensive program of medical tattooing.

We have appointments available for scar & burns camouflage, areola and nipple reconstruction, MCA scar removal, and Meso ME treatments. These potentially life-changing procedures are all free of charge.

Furthermore, majority of our medical trainees are trained nurses and specialists, providing the same level of professionalism you would find in a hospital or private clinic.

If you have any queries, call us at Head Office or email pictures of the area you need treated to

On the day

You can expect the same attention and care that you would receive if you were a full-paying client. Trainees under constant supervision by our expert trainers carry out the treatments. As well as this, the trainers are all industry professionals, and know what clients expect and want.  We rely on our models, which is why we provide appointments at a discounted price hence we ask for payment up-front.

You will be expected to fill out all the relevant consent and medical history forms that you would have to complete at a regular clinic. Full aftercare and post-treatment advice will be provided to you. We pride ourselves on consummate professionalism; if you have any queries or complaints please let Head Office know.

Getting in touch

If you are interested in joining our model program please do not hesitate to contact us either by calling us directly at Head Office at 01444 414 744 or emailing

In addition, if you are looking for a treatment in your area we have put together a list of Finishing Touches trained technicians for you to select from

We also have a sister company called the Aurora Centre of Excellence located in Knightsbridge, London. A number of skilled cosmetic, medical and aesthetic practitioners work from this centre, offering cutting edge procedures. Please visit Aurora’s website for further information.”