Nipple and areola reconstructive treatments

Medical tattooing: Providing the finishing touches to surgical procedures

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Provide the “finishing touch” to your clients after reconstructive breast surgery with nipple and areola reconstruction treatments.

So what are medical tattooing nipple and areola reconstruction treatments?

Reconstructive breast treatment following cancer can be an emotional experience. Medically tattooed nipple and areola reconstruction treatments provide the final touches to surgical procedures, and restore in patients a sense of normality. Furthermore, the effects are realistic and the end result will provide a boost to your client’s self-esteem. The treatment takes around 30-40 minutes, and top-ups may be required.

There are many opportunities to learn these life-changing treatments. We offer an areola workshop, 2 day areola masterclasses and a 3 day all- encompassing medical masterclass

After completing a medical tattooing nipple and areola reconstruction training course, you will be able to offer your clients a full consultation. Your clients will have the opportunity to discuss in detail their treatment with you and feel comfortable and confident with the actual procedure.

What are the advantages of nipple and areola reconstruction treatments?

Expert colour matching and placement correct misshapen areola after surgical procedures

The treatment uses natural ingredients that last up to two years.

A 3d simulated nipple gives the illusion of protrusion.

Its lifelike appearance will give you a sense of conformity, and restore confidence, bringing closure to a long journey.


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What are the benefits of nipple and areola reconstructive tattooing?
  • It will boost your clients’ confidence in themselves and their relationships.
  • It can give your clients the confidence to regain their lifestyles.
  • It will bring closure to challenging times.
Tempted to add nipple and areola reconstruction to your treatment offerings?
  • Take a look at our gallery featuring nipple and areola reconstruction before and after photos.
  • And why not read our nipple and areola reconstruction testimonials.
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