Makeup workshop: lip liner

Take advantage of a 1-day workshop to perfect and advance your lip techniques

Lip workshop

Lips that hold with the perfect colour choice

Lips are the area that have the most variables for treatment. Filled, thin, young, old each with a different technique and healed result.

This workshop will teach you stretch, colour choice and needle selection.

Whether you are lining or blushing with Sweet lips or Posy lips, our masters will share all their years of knowledge and experience to help you achieve the perfect pout.

This 1-day workshop includes:

  • Theory.
  • Practicals using skin.
  • Watching demonstrations.

“Just what I needed! I felt so rusty with my lip procedures. This workshop really inspired me.”

Want to go that one step further? Then have a look at our 3D Velvet lips or Posy Lips masterclass.

Who should attend this semi permanent lip liner improvers workshop?

This is an advanced workshop for trained specialists only. It is available to:

Trained cosmetic tattooing specialists wishing to improve their skills.

What you’ll learn on this advanced semi permanent lip liner improvers workshop
  • Choosing your needles.
  • Choosing your colour.
  • Perfecting your technique.
  • Needle depth/pressure/precision.
  • Colour blending.
  • Anaesthetic.
  • Strokes and movement.
  • Where not to tattoo.
  • Drawing on and keeping the stencil shape.
  • Shapes to avoid.
  • The youthful mouth.
  • Colour mist blending.
Price & Info

This 1-day semi permanent lip liner improvers workshop is available for £250 + VAT.

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How to Book

Simply complete the Sesemi permanent eyeliner improvers workshop booking form, call 01444 414744 or book directly on our shop

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