Aniela Korabinska Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

April 02, 2021

Aniela Korabinska Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

April 02, 2021

In the industry, we always hear about Organic and Inorganic pigments, but what’s difference and why does it matter? To help answer these questions, Kelly interviews Ireland-based Brow Expert, Aniela Korabinska! With 16 years behind her, Aniela has seen and experienced many types of pigments. In the episode, Aniela talk about the differences of pigments, whether to mix brands, and how to test pigments.

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Show Notes:

This episode was sponsored by Ripar. Created by a professional makeup artist and a renowned plastic surgeon, the star product, RiparCover Cream Foundation, was originally formulated to cover tattoos, imperfections and scaring. Visit the Ripar website to find out more.


The difference between the two types of pigments are the substances. Organic pigments are carbon based Inorganic pigments are iron-oxide based.


In the episode, Aniela recommends buying from a reputable company.


Aniela’s methods have changed over time. In the episode she suggests thinking of the client’s skin, the type, the age and the condition for deciding Organic or Inorganic pigments.


Aniela’s top brands for pigments are Permablend, Tina Davies, Ever After, Li and Finishing Touches. Finishing Touches pigments are organic. Click here to browse Finishing Touches pigments on our FTG shop.


Interested in the difference between Semi-permanent pigments and Permanent inks? You can read about the difference in our blog by Kelly.



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