Meet Emma Furlong, Finishing Touches Head Hairloss Trainer

May 05, 2021

Meet Emma Furlong, Finishing Touches Head Hairloss Trainer

May 05, 2021

Emma had a career path set in Human Resource Management following on from her degree but found the internal politics of the organisation she was working for suffocating. To facilitate paying off her student loan and fund her move to Brighton, Emma took an admin job with an alternative hair company. She fell in love with the company and the amazingly positive effect the hair loss solutions offered to those in need. Within the role, Emma worked with both customers affected by hair loss and also companies and agents supporting and supplying those customers.  She learned first-hand about all the different types of hair loss conditions, treatments and solutions. Emma advanced to Sales & Marketing Manager and worked internationally as part of the EU Management team. 

Then micropigmentation came along in 2010. Emma went along to observe an eyebrow micropigmentation training so the company she worked for could start offering it for their alopecia and chemo patients and boom…her life changed. Emma had never been into beauty or cosmetics but a light bulb went on with semi-permanent make-up. In her late 20’s, Emma trained with leading micropigmentation specialist training school Finishing Touches Group in something new, exciting and completely left-field from her skill set but so in tune with her ethos of helping others in need.  

Emma specialised in brows along with other SMPU treatments and focussed on alopecia and hair loss treatments. All of Emma’s clients that she practiced on in the early days are still with her today - a proud accomplishment. 

After the arrival of her second son in 2014, Emma took the leap and made her micropigmentation passion her only work focus. She began as a trainer for Finishing Touches and set up her very own clinic. Having had experimented with scalp hair loss techniques, Emma was thrilled to see the evolution of Scalp Micropigmentation begin. Emma trained in SMP and it was like another light-bulb moment, the perfect marriage of her hair loss knowledge and understanding with her practical micropigmentation skills and experience.  Emma still offers hair loss brow micropigmentation but her main focus now is Scalp Micropigmentation and hair loss solutions. She not only offers hair loss treatments; but also supports via groups and in person when she cans. The psychological impact cannot be under-estimated, and it is an area she wants to help more.

Emma’s Restore Aesthetics clinics are based in Brighton and Hove where she is proud to work alongside other professionals to offer her services to those in need.  

Emma’s passion for the power of Scalp Micropigmentation has seen her lecture and teach around the globe, to both aesthetic and medical audiences, and she is proud to share her knowledge and love for the treatments with her trainees. She is proud to support, guide and connect with the rest of the training team, and is passionate about teaching those looking to expand their skills and join our fabulous industry.  

What’s your go-to needle? 3 Micro for SMP and the Plastic needles for prep of literally everything!

Favourite treatment? SMP for confidence boosting density treatments.

Proudest moment in your career? Becoming a FTG trainer and teaching new skills to others and being one of the first non-medics invited to speak at an international surgical hair loss conference.

Marmite: love it or hate it? I’m not a lover or a hater haha…

Who is your hero? My mum

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Wish Park, Hove Seafront – preferably a house with an astro turf pitch so I don’t have as many muddy boots and clothes to clean!

Do you want to train with Emma? Check out our Hair Loss Courses, where Emma thrives in. 

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