Monica Ivani Show Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

May 05, 2021

Monica Ivani Show Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

May 05, 2021

Kelly interviews owner and technician of MyBrows Permanent Makeup and ‘Brow Master’, Monica Ivani. Monica is a Permanent Makeup specialist and has travelled across the world to train Beginners and Advanced Artists that want to learn her unique brow techniques! In this episode, Monica shares her tips on how to create beautiful hairstrokes, some tips on marketing brows, and how to take the perfect brow before and afters.

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Show Notes:

This episode was sponsored by Ripar. Created by a professional makeup artist and a renowned plastic surgeon, the star product, RiparCover Cream Foundation, was originally formulated to cover tattoos, imperfections and scaring. Visit the Ripar website to find out more.


Monica has her personal collaboration of inorganic with Li Pigments.

Top 3 brands of pigments:

  • Li
  • Perma blend
  • Biotek


Monica recommends her own Pixie Machine for powder brows.

Definition of combination brows is a powder/ombre brow combined with a semi-permanent machine brow.

In the episode, Monica shares that her secret to great brow images is that she takes all her brow pictures with a camera rather than a smartphone, in particular she uses a Nikon Camera.

Monica’s top tip with marketing is to post the type of clientele that you want to attract more of. She posts more images of her younger female clients to attract more of the same client segment.


Interested in semi-permanent brows? You can learn from our experienced semi-permanent trainers, find out more about our Semi-permanent Makeup courses here. 


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