Scalp Treatments: The next step for your Scalp Micropigmentation business

May 24, 2022

Scalp Treatments: The next step for your Scalp Micropigmentation business

May 24, 2022

Every great concept comes from an idea, not always the best one but the evolution of the idea is the defining part.


An example: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), the idea that using pigment and/or ink in an area gives camouflage and creates something that wasn’t there.  To camouflage hair loss with SMP, giving the illusion of more hair or a shaved head with pigment is arguably one of the best hair loss solution ideas evolved into a concept of recent times. 


But the great thing about ideas is they keep coming, there’s no limit to new ideas and the evolution of the ideas that have already worked out.  Which leads us to scalp treatments, the evolution of SMP training at Finishing Touches and the evolution of what we can achieve to help those affected by hair loss using our existing equipment. 


The light bulb moment came when I was speaking to one of my hair loss patients in clinic about her treatment plan, as a hair loss specialist and not just an SMP trainer and technician, (a job I LOVE by the way) I have an insight into how a multi-faceted approach can really yield the best overall results and patient satisfaction. Together we had explored different treatment options and were planning her SMP treatment plan but ultimately the patient wanted to improve the quality of the existing hair and try to improve the hair density in the area. Therefore, in addition to SMP, we agreed a course of in-clinic and at home scalp treatments.  With SMP we have an instant result, with scalp treatments a long-term objective to improve the existing hair.  This isn’t the first of my patients I have helped in this way and it got me thinking….more people could benefit from this combination therapy and approach if more technicians offered it…and boom! The idea of Scalp Treatments training was born.


What if we evolved (that word again) what we did with our micropigmentation equipment to try and stimulate the hair not just camouflage the loss?  Not all SMP technicians have the time, money or inclination to study Trichology and hair loss to facilitate them taking their treatments to the next level, what if we can help them make a small step to effectively make a positive impact on their patients results? This idea surely would be one of the ones that works.    


So, then comes the fun part, take the idea and make it work.  It had to work, those affected by hair loss deserved it to.  It sounds simple, take a treatment that shows positive results and teach others to do the same.  Whereas we have been using our unique plastic needle for cleansing and nourishing scalps prior to SMP and smoothing scar tissue in training, we hadn’t implemented anything to try and encourage healthy hair growth.  The pressure was on!   


When designing, creating and launching a new training course we must take all aspects into account.  For example, the products, the equipment and the knowledge required to carry out the treatments.  The approach, the level technicians need to be and the price point of the training and the treatments, to ensure it is feasibly worthwhile for trainers, technicians and patients alike are all important factors.  It’s no good us knowing this is going to be brilliant if we can’t get all the components together and if there is no interest.


You’re thinking ok…so….it all worked out, right, as the course has launched and yes, hurray it did all work out, much better than expected.  With trials of products and applications, lots of patient feedback and a trial courses to unsuspecting FT trainers and colleagues we made it happen.  The concept of in-clinic treatments and unique take home products and applications have made this a very exciting new protocol; you can use your equipment and skill to evolve to something new, something different that will help boost your revenue and your overall results.  The course itself offers a multi-faceted approach, it covers different elements to ensure you have the best tools in your kit and knowledge to use them.    


Scalp Treatments essentially offers those who are already helping people affected by hair loss a new multi-faceted treatment menu; so, what are you waiting for the course is ready for you to come and take your SMP to the next level!  Intrigued, I hope so ha, please get in touch to find out more.


Emma Furlong

FTG Hairloss Specialist

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