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Level 4

The laws are changing.
Lets put the gossip and misunderstanding to bed.

Level 4 is included in all our training courses FREE of charge. However what is  a level 4 training standard?

There has been much talk in the industry regarding the government bringing in legislation to regulate semi permanent make up. This is because the industry as it stands is currently unregulated. Finishing Touches are pleased to be introducing a Level 4 Semi Permanent Makeup / Scalp and micro blading standard in all our training courses. Finishing Touches believe this is an excellent way forward, as this will recognise training schools at the highest level.


There were some surprises, but for the first time unregulated is becoming regulated. Finishing Touches feel that this is to the benefit of the industry as a whole and have united with a government accredited body and educator to bring you a course to ensure you reach the ‘qualification requirements’ to perform SPMU at the required Level 4.

We have partnered with an outside agency to bring us a Level 4 qualification that will be in line with government guidelines.

The course is one day on an online portal, including videos, covering elements including anatomy and physiology, health and safety etc. Furthermore, after this, we require 3 case studies, a 500 word essay and an online exam (required 95% pass rate in a 15 minute exam).

This is submitted to an independent assessor who will pass it onto a governing body to issue your certificate.

Is the Level 4 in Semi Permanent Makeup compulsory?

Finishing Touches believe that this will enhance your skills already acquired through your training with us.

Therefore we have included level 4 free in all our training courses.

Although legislation is in the pipeline, it is not currently law, we are just offering this for those who want to stay ahead of the curve before Level 4 becomes a necessity.


If you are currently SMPU trained without the level 4 training, please call the sales support team on 01444 414744 to discuss further options.

Likewise, for further information about our Level 4 Semi Permanent Makeup courses please refer to the FAQ tab or email Kim@finishingtouchesgroup.com

What is Level 4?

Finishing Touches have worked in partnership to bring you an add-on course which is
currently a choice. Although legislation has been passed, we are yet to find many councils or insurance providers stipulating this as a ‘must have’ but we wanted to be able to offer this to you now in order to get ahead of the game.

Many of you will have seen companies offering all sorts of levels at an extremely high cost – this is only going to get worse unfortunately. We at Finishing Touches want to make it clear that this is education. It is not mandatory yet, but ‘in time’ it will be. So offering the course now will stop future panic and at a highly reduced price to our loyal customer base.
This can only be written and administered by an outside body and has to be thoroughly checked, marked and accredited, giving you a full Level 4 certificate.

What does it cover?

It covers cosmetic tattoo/SPMU treatments on the face – for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. It is not a ‘one course fits all’.

Finishing Touches Group are also introducing Level 4 for Medical Tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation & Skin Needling in the near future.

How long is the course & what can i expect from the day?

The course is available online and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.  It include an online learning module, Exams, case studies and essays.

What do I have to do to gain certification?

To complete the process of Level 4 you must meet all the learning outcomes. Within a month of taking the course you must submit the following:
Three case studies that include:
2 client before and after images of the treatment(s) of your choice
Four essays of 500 words
■ Informed consent: explain written or verbal consent / clients expectations / contra
■ Health and safety – infection control
■ Breakdown of treatment; pre, during and post any procedure of your choice
■ Self-Reflection
This needs to be provided as a single document study, using Word (or similar). You can add
images or other information of your choice. But keep it neat and legible.

What happens after I have submitted my case studies/essays?

These will be checked by an independent assessor and passed for certification.

Once they are approved, your certificate will be prepared. This will then be sent
to you. The certificates can take up to one month to be produced due to the marking and
assessment processes.

Further Information
Price & Location

Level 4 is available as a online training course with coursework.

The price of the Level 4 Semi Permanent Makeup course start from £500+VAT

For further information
Email: kim@finishingtouchesgroup.com
for dates and full details

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