Hair Stroke Brow Enhancement 

Welcome to the home of micropigmentation.

25 years of training and product supplies, you’re in experienced hands. 

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Digital brows

Welcome to the home of micropigmentation.

25 years of training and product supplies, you’re in experienced hands.

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Training Overview

Step into a world of precision and artistry through our highly acclaimed Hair Stroke Brow Micropigmentation course, consistently recognised as our most sought-after educational programme. This comprehensive educational journey seamlessly integrates the benefits of both online and in-person training, providing an in-depth understanding of the intricate skill of hair stroke brows.

Whether you are enhancing existing features or working with patients who have experienced hair loss, this two and a half day live skills course, enhanced by our robust online learning platform, is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to achieve hyper-realistic hair stroke brows using a digital machine.

At FTG, we embrace the unique journey of every individual. We understand that no two paths are alike, and that’s why we provide you with the flexibility to choose what, when, and how you want to train.

Key highlights of this training programme include:

Online Learning: This includes online pre course learning that will set you up with the theoretical knowledge required for you to be prepared for your live skills training. It covers elements including anatomy and physiology, exploring colour theory and pigments, recognising different skin types and tones and much more.

Course-Specific Practical Skills: Our online learning platform for mastering hair stroke brows goes beyond theory, allowing you to practice through diverse mediums such as paper, pencil, and simulated skin with a needle.

Live skills training: Experience an immersive two and a half day journey that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Our live sessions provide a practical overview of your online learning, giving you hands-on experience with live models, putting your newfound knowledge into action.

Bonus: This course also includes Male Brows online module.

Course specific details:

✓ Choosing the perfect colour
✓ Brow mapping (additional half day)
✓ Hair stroke pattern formation  
✓ Depth, pressure and speed - achieving the perfect combination
✓ Understanding how to meet your clients needs and expectations
✓ Contraindications and limitation
Live skills patient volunteers: Finishing Touches will provide patient volunteers for your live skills course, however you are encouraged to bring your own.
Portfolio/Graduation/Certificate*: If you require a FTG Certificate of Achievement, you will need to submit a portfolio of progression and carry out an assessment either online or in person at our head office.

                   Learning Pathway:



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Classroom Live Skills 









Course Benefits

✓ Core knowledge + 12 months access to all online learning modules, teaching you all you need to know serving as a cornerstone of your entire training programme
✓ Online technical skills from the comfort of your own home
✓ Live skills in the academy with models supplied - 2 1/2 days 
✓ On-going mentoring & support
✓ Lifetime access to dedicated technician forum
✓ Low student to trainer ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Finishing Touches?


Over 25 years experience in the industry


Support throughout your career


Recognised by insurers and local authorities


Detailed online theory and interactive webinars


Providing models for realistic training


Low student to trainer ratio on training days


When and where does the course start?

Our courses are held in our training centers in the north and south of England.



Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Every other month


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