Scalp Treatments

Nourish, Revive & Refine

Take your treatment menu to the next level with the latest evolution in skin and hair care

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Scalp treatments

Nourish, Revive & Refine

Take your treatment menu to the next level with the latest evolution in skin and hair care

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What are Scalp Treatments?

Scalp Treatments are innovative new hair loss and scalp skin treatments from Finishing Touches Group. The saying goes that a healthy scalp = healthy hair and our resident hair loss specialists felt it was time we gave you the opportunity to offer these fantastic treatments to your clients/patients.

Our new course covers all you need to know to prepare the scalp for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatments, nourish and balance the skin and stimulate healthy hair growth using a micropigmentation device.

Treatment specific serums and cocktails are used in conjunction with a disposable needle cartridges to perform these treatments. The course covers both nourishing, skin rejuvenating treatments and reviving stimulating protocols for those affected by hair loss. 

SMP is an increasingly popular and effective hair loss solution, with the added element of scalp skin rejuvenation, Scalp Treatments can take these treatments to another level.

This course is for existing SMP professionals, medical professionals or for experienced micropigmentation practitioners.


What will you learn on the course?

There are three main treatments to learn within the Scalp Treatments course: all with their unique application and specific product protocols;

Scalp nourish: A cleansing nourishing treatment using a plastic needle cartridge to first exfoliate the scalp skin and cleanse product build-up and impurities. The initial cleanse is followed by specialised products and a needle is then used to abrade the skin and ‘push’ the products ‘in’; the nourishing products promote healthy scalp skin, while our needle protocol stimulates the circulation.

Scalp Revive: The next level in hair loss treatments is our stimulating scalp treatment with targeted needling and products to revive the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. The metal tilting plate needle is the tool for this procedure, giving the specially blended products optimum ability to penetrate the skin and infuse to their target. Many hair loss practitioners advocate the use of infusing modalities as a safe and effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia, leading to more patients seeking these treatments with increasing efficacy in the longer-term results.    

Scalp Refine: A staple for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) practitioners is the scar refining treatment, aimed at smoothing and softening scar tissue either prior to SMP or as a stand-alone treatment. Patients with FUT and other post-surgical scarring on the scalp can often require a pre-SMP step in their treatment plan to relax and ‘smooth’ the scar tissue, giving the optimum canvas for our SMP art. The ability to offer this treatment is fundamental to any SMP practitioner.

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Course details

✓ Live skills in the academy with models supplied - 1 days 
✓ On-going mentoring & support
✓ Lifetime access to dedicated technician forum
✓ Low student to trainer ratio
✓ Practice equipment supplied
✓ Affordable training course 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Finishing Touches?


25 years experience in the industry


Support during and after your training


Recognised by insurers and local authorities


Detailed online theory available pre & post course


Providing models for realistic training


Low student to trainer ratio on training days


When and where does the course start?

Our Scalp Treatments course is held every other month at our headquarters in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Haywards Heath is situated approximately 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport by road or rail. We are also only a 10 minute walk or 2 minute taxi ride away from Haywards Heath train station which has a main line station from London Victoria.

If you wish to stay overnight we can provide you with a helpful accommodation sheet with our suggestions of local hotels

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Level 4 Assessment

Gain the top qualification in the industry by achieving an OCN Level 4 to endorse your skills with case studies and an assessment. 

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