Scar Management for Surgical Scars and Burns Hydration

Welcome to the home of micropigmentation

25 years of training and product supplies, you’re in experienced hands.

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Scar Management for Surgical Scars and Burns Hydration

Welcome to the home of micropigmentation.

25 years of training and product supplies, you’re in experienced hands.

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Training Overview

Our course is a one-day programme that centres on addressing surgical scars through various needling techniques. This course equips participants with the skills to effectively break down and flatten scar tissues, improving both the texture and appearance of the skin.

Through microneedling techniques you are enhancing the body’s natural pigment production and improving scar texture, relaxing contracture scars, and enhancing hydration. This treatment contributes to the restoration of natural skin coloration and the overall enhancement of the skin’s appearance.

This course is a valuable addition to the toolkit of professionals in the field of scar management. It is well-suited for addressing a variety of surgical scars, including (but not limited to) abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), brachioplasty (arm lifts), or face lift/brow scarring.

Types of scarring you will be able to treat after the course 

✓ Face-lift scars
✓ Allied breast scarring
✓ FUE / FUT scarring
✓ Brachioplasty (arm lift)
✓ Abdominoplasty (tummy)

Key highlights of this course include:

1. Theory and Technique: Participants will receive comprehensive theoretical knowledge about the nature of small surgical scars, their formation, and how the body’s melanin production can be harnessed to improve their appearance. The course emphasises the use of specialised needling techniques used in conjunction with serums to achieve this.

2. Scar Evaluation: Understanding how to assess and categorise different types of small surgical scars, is an essential aspect of the training. This enables practitioners to tailor treatments to the specific needs of their patients.

3. Hands-On Practical Training: The programme provides practical, hands-on experience, allowing participants to apply the needling techniques on volunteer patients

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Course Details:

✓ Scar Formation
✓ Various microneedling techniques for scarring. 
✓ Needle choices
✓ Treatment choices
✓ Understand how to meet clients’ expectations.
✓Contraindications and limitations
✓Aftercare and treatment planning.

Added extras

Bonus modules included with this course

RiparCover Scar Camouflage

Cell Biologique For Problematic Skin

MASCED Skin Cancer Detection

International Infection Control

Pigmentology & Colour Theory

Small Spot Pigment Lightening 

Course Benefits

✓ 12 months access to all online learning modules & bonus courses
✓ Live skills in the academy with models supplied - 1 day 
✓ On-going mentoring & support
✓ Lifetime access to dedicated technician forum
✓ Low student to trainer ratio
✓ Practice equipment supplied

Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where does the course start?

Our Scar restoration courses are currently held at our training academies in Haywards Heath (West Sussex), and in Manchester.

Haywards Heath is situated approximately 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport by road or rail. We are also only a 10 minute walk or 2 minute taxi ride away from Haywards Heath train station which has a main line station from London Victoria.

 Should you wish to stay overnight, we can provide you with a helpful accommodation sheet with our suggestions of hotels and travel advice so you get to our head quarters safely and stress free. 

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