Combination eyebrows - everything you need to know about the SPMU technique

October 05, 2021

Combination eyebrows - everything you need to know about the SPMU technique

October 05, 2021

Flicking across a variety of semi-permanent makeup Facebook forums, you might see the technique ‘combination eyebrows’ or ‘combi / combo brows’ appear from time to time. We continue to see an emergence of newer and more sophisticated eyebrow enhancement techniques over time, so what is the combination eyebrow technique and why are clients raving and requesting it? 

Let’s jump into what combination brows are, why it is popular and whether you should consider offering this technique in your clinic... 

What are combination eyebrows? 

The combination eyebrow design became popular around late 2018 to early 2019, a similar time to when ombre brows originated in Asia a couple years prior. 

Combination brows are natural fine hairstroke replications combined with a soft shade of pixelated ombre effect. Created with semi-permanent pigment, the brows are etched into the skin with a digital machine. 

The technique offers the best of both ‘powdered’ and ‘hair strokes’ effects combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow. 

Why clients want combination eyebrows 

Microblading/machine method alone can sometimes not be enough for clients that suffer with over-plucked eyebrows and past fashion trends which have left the client with bulky bulbs and little hair. For someone with very sparse eyebrow hair, the shading can also give the brow more body, while the hair-strokes keep it looking natural. This technique is also very effective for clients with alopecia. Hairstrokes or ombre alone on alopecia clients can either look too bare or blocky at times, while combination eyebrows make it look full and natural at the same time. 

Another reason you might choose to use this technique over stand-alone hairstrokes or ombre, is that combination eyebrows are a good technique to use for any client’s who come to you with faded and discoloured eyebrows.  As explained in our how to use corrective pigments on faded semi-permanent makeup eyebrows blog the pigment in eyebrows can change colour over time and depending on the pigment’s quality and formulation, clients can end up with orange, blue or purple. Combination eyebrows can help cover the existing discoloured pigment while using the right corrective colour

See below how this client had reddish-orange brows. We were able to cover the existing brow with a combination technique while using a blend of corrective olive and Truly Intense from our True Brows range. 

Before and after combination eyebrow treatment
Combination brow technique used to cover faded discoloured brows

Why you should learn combination eyebrows 

The classic combination eyebrow design is a perfect option to offer to your clients with very sparse eyebrow hair, any clients who have alopecia or as we have gone over earlier, to cover faded discoloured semi-permanent eyebrows. 

Classic combination brow technqiue

Like all brow techniques, there are various different styles that can be experimented with. We have designed a unique elegant brow design that is perfect for you to attract either a younger clientele looking for a stylish brow design or for your fashion focused clients. 

Elegant combination brow technique 

Like what you read and want to learn the combination eyebrow techniques? Once you master the art of the combination eyebrow, word of mouth will spread amongst your clients and your business will boom. 

Our advanced Brow Collection course covers everything from how to create beautiful flowing hairstrokes in varying styles, from perfecting the stroke, the correct depth placement and lightly whipping the needle against the skin. Discover our advanced brow training here. 

New to the industry and want to learn more about our beginner brow courses? Check out our semi-permanent hairstroke eyebrow training or semi-permanent ombre eyebrow course.

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