Empowering Burn Survivors: Training and Support through Dan's Fund for Burns

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Article by Gemma Hutchings | Date Published 4th July 2024

Empowering Burn Survivors: Training and Support through Dan's Fund for Burns

Dan's Fund for Burns is a remarkable charity set up by Polly Miller, a burns survivor herself, to provide practical support to fellow burn survivors across the UK.

The charity was set up in memory of Polly's late husband Dan, who was tragically killed along with 8 other members of Polly's party on the night of the 12th October 2002. At around 11pm, 3 almost simultaneous bombs were detonated in popular Paddy's Bar and Sari Club in the Indonesian capital of Bali killing 202 people from 33 nations including 28 Brits, 100's more were injured.

Polly escaped with 43% burns to her body.

11 operations and 22 years on and for Polly, Dan's legacy lives on in the work the charity does. To date Dan's Fund has raised over £2.5 million to support burns survivors.

Polly says that the "charity is part of the healing process. When someone does something like that to you, you feel your innocence taken. But the goodness that came from everyone restored my faith in humanity.”

We are humbled to work with Polly and her team to help the NHS burns nurses learn how to apply camouflage creams for burns patients. All nurses are educated in burns hydration and long-lasting colour choices for both skin camouflage cover and feature restoration by microneedling. We hope we can help make a difference to burn survivors.

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Dan, Polly and best friend Annika

Finishing Touches Group (FTG) is proud to be a referral service for Dan's Fund for Burns, offering treatments to burns survivors through our private FTG Clinic and as part of our patient volunteer scheme for training. 

Our innovative plastic needle plate gently abrades delicate skin tissue, softening contracture scarring and hydrating the skin.

Meet Sue, a wonderful patient volunteer who has become part of the Finishing Touches family. Sue sustained her injuries due to a faulty gas cooker and was introduced to us through Polly. She regularly attends for burns hydration, Scalp micropigmentation, and hair stroke brows. We love seeing her as much as she loves coming!

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Our training courses for burns hydration are available as 2 options.

1) Scar management for surgical scars and burns hydration:

This course is a one-day programme that centers on addressing surgical scars through various needling techniques. This course equips participants with the skills to effectively break down and flatten scar tissues, improving both the texture and appearance of the skin. Through microneedling techniques, you are enhancing the body’s natural pigment production and improving scar texture, relaxing contracture scars, and enhancing hydration.

This treatment contributes to the restoration of natural skin coloration and the overall enhancement of the skin’s appearance. This course is a valuable addition to the toolkit of professionals in the field of scar management. It is well-suited for addressing a variety of surgical scars, including (but not limited to) abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), brachioplasty (arm lifts), or facelift/brow scarring.

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2) Burns Management

This course is a specialised training programme meticulously designed for individuals aspiring to open a service dedicated to assisting burn survivors in treating and hydrating contracture scarring. This comprehensive one-day course is focused on equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective care to those who have experienced burn injuries.

The primary emphasis of this course is on the techniques involved in infusing serums into the skin. This process is facilitated through a gentle needling technique that serves two essential purposes:

1. Breaking down of Scar Tissue: Participants will learn how to use the gentle needling process to systematically break down scar tissue. This skill is vital in reducing the appearance and functionality limitations caused by contracture scarring, which can often result from severe burns.

2. Hydrating the Skin: In addition to scar tissue management, this course will teach individuals how to hydrate the skin effectively infusing serums. Burn survivors who may experience chronic dryness and discomfort will benefit from improved comfort and elasticity

Our team of training specialist is available to discuss your course options in greater detail so

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