How to take the best before and after pictures

May 24, 2021

How to take the best before and after pictures

May 24, 2021

Although before and after pictures seem like an easy thing to do, this is one area which talented photographer and technician Andrew Strassi believes many SPMU artists are not dedicating enough time to.

Before and after pictures are incredibly important for your business. The images you present on your social media, your website and marketing emails speak much louder than words. While someone researching a treatment may be drawn in by the science and the level of hygiene and safety in which you practise, it’s not going to show them what your skills can do for them, so it’s very important that you can show this by capturing your work with high quality images with the WOW! factor.

With today’s super high tech smartphones with zillions of megapixels, you have all the ammunition you need at the touch of the screen.

Here’s three simple tips on how to improve your before and after pictures. . .

Background & lighting

Choose a suitable background with no clutter, preferably a white wall. Make sure you have adequate diffused lighting such as a ring light. They give off a soft pleasing light and will result in sharper pictures with no reflections or washed out areas in your image.

Angle & positions

Take a full face shot, then a half side shot (a quarter turn), then take some close-ups. Again, front view and quarter turn. E.g. if you’re taking pictures of eyebrows, have the full face, front on, then side, and do the same for your close-up shots. Take a few pictures and check the clarity and detail.


Premium apps are chargeable, but there are many free ones that you can download to get you started. You can also tweak the lighting to get them looking the same, but don’t over process. Use the apps to bring out the best in your work and use them to showcase to the world what you can do for them.

Finally and most importantly, you must always get permission from your clients if you are going

to use their images for marketing purposes. Good luck - we can’t wait to see your before and after pictures! 

Liked these photography tips? You can read the full article on pages 68-69 in our KITT Magazine here.

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