5 top tips for Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows with Steve

May 23, 2021

5 top tips for Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows with Steve

May 23, 2021

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows continue to grow in popularity due to its exceptional reputation, long-lasting effect, and incredibly realistic results. Now more than ever, SPMU artists must make practicing and picking up new learnings and skills a habit due to lockdowns and constant changes in regulations.


Whether you are a beginner semi-permanent artist looking for some guidance or an experienced artist in need of a refresher, our Head Trainer, Steve Douch, shares 5 top tips for semi-permanent makeup eyebrows. These tips can help get you started and take you further in your semi-permanent brow treatments.


Let the brows do the talking 

My first tip would be to listen to your client’s needs and wants for their eyebrows. You can build your treatment approach by managing your client’s expectations as you go. You are the professional giving all the information you have gathered and your treatment approach allowing the client to make an informed choice and not a panicked on-the-spot decision, which they may later regret! And so might you!


Slow is fast

Repeat with me… Slow is Fast. Remember to tell your hand this when you are working. Working slowly will allow the machine to power the needle and stitch pigment into the skin, leaving your client with better retention when they return for the top-up. 9 times out of 10, poor retention problems are due to working too fast. So, work slowly and take your time during your brow treatment.



The tighter the stretch the less the skin acts as a bouncy castle to your needle. A firm but comfortable stretch will enable your needle to cleanly pierce the skin and allow the pigment to be stitched in! It is the first thing we trainers advise and it is an important thing to remember for most treatments, not just eyebrows.


Know your needle 

The bigger the needle configuration the less intensity of pigment in the skin, the more passes may be needed to build saturation of pigment and vice versa single needles are sharp and have less surface tension! Poor control… poor potential results!


Think Before You Ink

Finally, you must examine your pigment choice. Throughout my experience, I highly advise not choosing a pigment tone 10 times darker than the client’s Fitzpatrick or natural hair colouring. If you do, this can leave the eyebrows looking saturated with pigment, making it harder to make small adjustments over years - most likely resulting in removal methods in the future! In summary, think before you ink.


Keep practicing and try implementing some of Steve’s tips into your next brow session! Interested in going beyond eyebrow treatments? Check out our other Semi-Permanent Makeup Courses like Lip Blush & Liner or Eyeliner.

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