Meet Steve Douch, Finishing Touches Head SPMU and Microblading Trainer

May 05, 2021

Meet Steve Douch, Finishing Touches Head SPMU and Microblading Trainer

May 05, 2021

Steve was a carpenter by trade when he first left school. With a fascination for horror films, he followed his passion in 2004 learning special effects makeup and media and ended up teaching at Gloucestershire college in Theatrical and Media Makeup in 2006. During his time teaching, Steve also worked in film and television, participating in small productions, fashion shows, bridals, Miss World, Dolce & Gabanna, Nike and met and worked with small celebrities including Television Personality Amy Childs, Presenter Lara Hamilton and British Actor Andrew Sachs. 

After working in film and television, Steve worked for Jane Iredale makeup and Environ skincare and shortly after came across Nouveau in 2010. Steve found that makeup could drastically improve his clients' confidence but it could also immediately wash off or smudge. He discovered semi-permanent makeup which offered convenience, and lasting enhancement that so many people were looking for so he trained in the arts and crafts of Semi-permanent Makeup and Microblading. During his training days, Steve pursued a course in Immunology, which also helped expand his knowledge of the body and its interaction with artistic applications. 

Working alongside some of the UK’s top training academies and brands teaching permanent makeup, Steve has trained all over the world in lashes for Nouveau and took part in seminars and talks in Amsterdam, Slovenia, Germany, Slovakia and Russia. Steve has also worked with Cancer patients, helping restore their confidence through the art and the beauty of semi-permanent makeup.

It was his intricate cosmetic enhancements with celebrities that led to the creation of his exciting and unique makeup line, STV Cosmetics in 2015. After developing products for competitive UK cosmetic companies, Steve invested in his precision foundation line introducing flawless makeup applications. His successful cosmetic range is for men and women and is highly sought after by celebrities.

Steve is also highly experienced and knowledgeable in skin. In 2018, Steve started training technicians in Plasma Elite’s Plasma Pen to help lift and tighten loose skin.  

Steve is now the Head Trainer for us at Finishing Touches, where he teaches our students his intricate cosmetic techniques, the importance of hygiene and how to meet client needs.

Fav treatment? Eyebrows, in digital brows or ombre.  I love seeing a client's reaction once we have completed the treatment. 


Proudest Moment in your career? This is hard as I have so many accomplishments over my career, but mainly watching my students outgrow me and my skill! When they do that, I know I've done a great job.


Marmite: love it or hate it? HATE MARMITE


Who is your hero? I've had a couple of mentors over the years, they have shown me more to business than I ever could imagine! They are my heroes. 


If you could live anywhere, where would it be? The USA feels like home, if I am there teaching or on a holiday I never want to leave!


What are you certified in? Do you have qualifications in anything extra other than treatment qualifications? Theatrical makeup, SFX makeup and slightly different from both of them  - Carpentry!

Learn directly from Steve in our Semi-permanent Makeup Courses or Micoblading Course

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