Meet Kelly Smith-Forshaw, Finishing Touches Head Medical Micropigmentation Trainer

May 05, 2021

Meet Kelly Smith-Forshaw, Finishing Touches Head Medical Micropigmentation Trainer

May 05, 2021


After graduating from college in Hair & Beauty in 1998, Kelly worked for Trendco, Europe’s leading hair loss specialist as their lead stylist. Having worked with patients with hair loss this led Kelly to explore alternative solutions for her clientele. Kelly’s career in micropigmentation began when she discovered that she could help others by replicating hairs for eyebrows and create definition for eyeliner. She also learned to give the illusion of a buzz cut or the appearance of thicker hair for balding and thinning hair patients through the power of Scalp Micropigmentation. 


Kelly graduated in Semi-Permanent Makeup in 2004 with leading micropigmentation specialist training school Finishing Touches Group. Furthering her education, she then went on to train and become certified to Level 4 standard in all areas of Micropigmentation. 


Kelly’s ultimate passion is the Medical aspect of the industry. Scars, burns, facial feature restoration, vitiligo, skin camouflage, skin resurfacing and areola reformation following mastectomy, are just some of the procedures in Kelly’s remit. Her passion shines through, as she is a multi-award winning and nominated Cosmetic & Medical Micropigmentation technician. Given her passion for medical micropigmentation, a natural next step was to move into training, where she has been teaching medical micropigmentation for Finishing Touches Group for over a decade, and has taught thousands of trainees.


Kelly loves all aspects of the treatments she provides and is often seen demonstrating, speaking and training others worldwide. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, and helping others so they too can offer these sometimes life changing procedures to their own patients.


In 2018, alongside the Finishing Touches Group, Kelly launched her own organic medical pigment range, which is a huge success due to the long-lasting pigment retention and colours staying true to colour. Kelly has also designed her own new training tools that she uses in her classroom.


On-going support and mentorship for Kelly’s trainees is paramount to her, and she often does online videos and tutorials demonstrating the latest products and tools to keep her students motivated and informed of the latest treatments and products available. Most recently, in 2020 Kelly started The Micropigmentation Podcast, where she interviews key opinion leads from across the Medial and Cosmetic industry covering areas such as Skin Rejuvenation, Scalp Micropigmentation, Medical Micropigmentation & SPMU.  


Kelly is a kind and vivacious personality and every patient she treats whether it be privately in her clinic Medicos London, via insurance, or through her training school she treats with great enthusiasm and passion. Kelly treats every procedure as being her art work and is often heard saying “it’s not just my job, it’s my vocation”.


What’s your go-to needle? 4 flat for eyebrows, 3 micro and 7 round for areola and 9 magnum and 3 micro for camo 


Favourite treatment? Skin camouflaging!  


Proudest moment in your career? Being an award winner at the MPUK awards for 3 years in a row now


Marmite: love it or hate it? Hate it - it’s bovril’s evil twin


Who is your hero? My heroes are my parents


If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I would live in Florida or Australia - anywhere it’s hot can also go on the list


Want to learn from Kelly? Check out our Medical Micropigmentation Course, where Kelly thrives in. 



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