What’s the difference between Microblading and Machine Semi-permanent brows?

May 24, 2022

What’s the difference between Microblading and Machine Semi-permanent brows?

May 24, 2022

A question we are asked on a regular basis – what is the difference between microblading and machine semi-permanent eyebrows?

They are both similar when it comes to the end result of the treatment, however, the procedure is very different.


Let’s start with Microblading. This method consists of your technician using a disposable hand tool. At the base of the tool are a group of fine individual needles that make up a blade. The hand tool is used to manually score miniature channels into the dermis, before each channel is created the blade is dipped into pigment. This method is most commonly used to create a crisp looking hair stroke eyebrow.

Who is suitable for Microblading?

Microblading is not for everyone, especially those who have oily skin. If you have oily skin and have microblading, you will find yourself returning for more regular colour boosts. This is because sometimes the pigment won’t retain as well as in other skin types.

There are Flexi Blades and Hard Blades. Flexi Blades are easier to curve and get longer hair strokes with, as well as have better colour retention. Hard Blades are metal blades which are suitable for clients with harder, thicker skin.

Microblading Results

The blade doesn’t stitch in pigment unlike its counterpart using a machine, this means the pigment is not implanted as deep in comparison to the machine method. Therefore, the results will not last as long, although this can vary from client to client. How long your results will last depend on several different factors such as: skin type, skincare, sun exposure and lifestyle. Healing time could be slightly longer for microblading as it does cause more trauma when implanting the pigment into the skin.

Digital Machine method

During this procedure, a digital machine is used to set the speed and depth of the needles that implant pigment into the skin. This machine is similar to a body tattooist except it is lower frequency meaning the pigment is implanted closer to the surface of the skin. The machine moves the needle up and down which stitches the pigment into the skin. How quick/slow the machine goes depends on how much pigment is deposited.

Depth is controlled with the machine. Therefore, a very low risk of scarring and the healing time is quicker. There are several different needle configurations which can be used. The most popular is the Finishing Touches ‘nano’ needle which is the finest of needles and produces the most natural result. There are also round, sloped, and flat configurations to name a few, depending on the desired results, skin type and the treatment that is being performed.

Who is suitable for the Digital Machine method?

Clients with all skin types are suitable for this method. If you have oily skin, then this method of Micropigmentation would be selected for you. This is because the machine and the needles will be able to push the pigment in better if your skin is resisting the colour. As mentioned above, the correct needle configuration will be selected by your technician on the day of your treatment, based on your skin type and the look you are aiming to achieve.

Digital Machine Results

Your technician will be able to create a range of different eyebrow styles and each eyebrow is bespoke to that individual. Styles range from hairstroke, shading, ombre, and combinations to name a few. Again, depending on your skin type and lifestyle, after your first two initial treatments, clients tend to return for a colour boost anywhere from 6-12 months depending on how they like their eyebrows to look.

If you're interested in either Microblading or Digital machine method hairstroke brows we have a variety of training from beginner to advanced techniques. See below for training options mentioned in this article;

Microblading training (beginner)

Digital machine brows training (beginner)

Ombre Brows training (beginner)

Combination Brows training (advanced)

Brow Boost (intermediate & advanced)


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