What to do with expired permanent makeup pigments

May 05, 2021

What to do with expired permanent makeup pigments

May 05, 2021

We are mindful that like us, you will need to throw out your pigments and replace, as although the bottles have a lot number and expiry date, this is for unopened bottles.

Once pigments have been opened, they have a ‘use by date’ and most opened pigments have a 6M label on the back. Sadly, this means discard after 6 months from opening… so what do you do with your expired semi-permanent pigments?

Write off

If you have out of date/expired stock due to Coronavirus and the lockdowns, you are able to write off the cost of the stock in your end of year accounts to help reduce your tax bill. Depending on how you record your accounts, whether it be on accounting software, or an excel spreadsheet, it is recommended to add a separate coding account or column called ‘stock disposal’ for the total stock cost. Your accountants/bookkeepers can then pick up the cost when compiling your self-assessment tax returns/company accounts. If you are adding the account on software, it should be classed as a cost of sale account. If you would like any further guidance, please do let us know by contacting us.


Practice Practice Practice

As these pigments are expired and will not be used for treatments, a great thing to do, especially during lockdown, is to practice with them on fake skin or fruits! By practicing with your expired pigments you can improve your shaping and design skills outside of appointments with clients.  Additionally, you could review challenging manoeuvres around eye, brow and lip contours and significantly enhance your abilities before seeing your next client!

You could also use the opportunity to customise pigment shades and test blends of pigment and perfect your skills before you get back to the clinic.


Practice fruit


In the mean time, if you need to restock your pigments we have a special March offer on all of our favourite pigment brands including True Brows, Posy Lips, Medical Line and Phantom SMP. Check out our pigments today. 

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