El Truchan Show Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

May 05, 2021

El Truchan Show Notes from The Micropigmentation Podcast

May 05, 2021

In this episode Kelly Smith-Forshaw interviews owner of Perfect Definition and Scalp Micro Definition, El Truchan. As well as a Trainer and Educator for Nouveau Contour and KB Pro, El has extensive knowledge in Medical Micropigmentation, and in this episode she talks about treating vitiligo. Having vitiligo in the past herself, El discusses the methods of improving the visual part of the condition.

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Show Notes:

El has her own clinic called Perfect Definition. You can explore her clinic page here 


El touches on her own experiences of having vitiligo, you can read more about her journey here


Kelly talks about using RiparCover Makeup. Created by plastic surgeons, the brand and product is most recommended (and used!) by dermatologists across Italy. Its unique formulation only requires a small amount to provide maximum coverage that will last on your skin, comfortably, for hours especially for this hypo-pigmentation that can appear anywhere on the body, in different degrees and colors. You can learn more about the product here


In the episode, El shows her UVB handheld lamp, if you want to see what the lamp looked like, you can see it in our video version of the podcast on YouTube at 29.09


In the episode, El and Kelly discuss the causes of vitiligo. Unfortunately, the cause of vitiligo is not known however our experts and some studies have suggested that trauma such as working in extreme heat, could affect the skin. 


Interested in Medical Micropigmentation? You can learn from Kelly herself or our other experienced Medical trainers, find out more about our Medical Micropigmentation Courses. 


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