Meet Marcia Trotter, Finishing Touches North of England Trainer

May 05, 2021

Meet Marcia Trotter, Finishing Touches North of England Trainer

May 05, 2021

Marcia’s career before the world of Micropigmentation was completely different yet had so many parallels. As a Senior Customer Service Advisor & Training Executive for British Airways at Manchester Airport, no two days were the same. She was responsible for Supervision, planning, organising the workload for a team of Customer Service Agents, rescheduling after delays and disruptions, demonstrating a high level of interpersonal awareness when managing the expectations of all customers from VIPs to customers who may need extra assistance. Already there were many similarities to a day in the clinic. Marcia’s journey ended in the airline industry as a Training Manager where she travelled to different airports to monitor and maintain all levels of mandatory training. 


Marcia was introduced to Micropigmentation back in 2007 when a friend planted the seed saying, “You should look into Semi-permanent makeup; you would be good at that.” After some careful research, she chose Finishing Touches to be her training provider. Coming from a training and high-level customer service background, this was important to carry forward into my new career.


When training with Finishing Touches, Marcia believed the training school had pitched it just right, not too pushy like when you walk in a shop and a sales advisor pounces or the opposite where they ignore you. They were attentive and guided her into the best career change she could wish for. Marcia is proud to be Finishing Touches North of England Trainer since 2011 and delivers all courses within her clinic in Altrincham.


Over the years, Marcia has taught many Medical professionals in the NHS, sharing knowledge of how to improve the appearance of burns and scars, skin camouflage along Areola Masterclasses. Medical Micropigmentation is Marcia’s passion, feeling honoured and humbled to be part of that person’s journey to recovery.


Marcia feels lucky to love her job and it still amazes her the difference how some colour can change someone’s life in such a positive way. Marcia is not one for entering herself into competitions or awards but was privileged to be nominated and won a Life Changing Procedure Award for helping a lady who had suffered excessive burns to her face and body. A simple set of eyebrows gave her the confidence to face the world again. 

Marcia has travelled to many countries to attend Conferences, Masterclasses and Workshops to advance her skills and keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques. She is educated to Level 4 qualification in all areas of Micropigmentation and Laser Tattoo Removal.

Marcia has recently started her brand new clinic specialising in SMP, Scalp North with her niece Jess, who Marica helped train and coach in Scalp Micropigmentation. The story of Marcia's SMP journey was featured in The Lancashire magazine in 2021.

Marcia loves getting together with fellow technicians and exchanging tips and tricks - you never stop learning! More importantly, Marcia loves to impart knowledge and teach others her Semi-permanent makeup technique and talent. Marcia believes self-development is paramount and that practice is an endless learning curve.

What’s your go-to needle? My ‘go-to’ needle is the Nano NT. I can do everything with it from crisp hairstrokes to shading. I also love how you can load the pigment into the cartridge so you have a constant even flow.

Favourite treatment? I have 2 favourite treatments, Brows and 3D Areola. I love brows because they instantly lift and change the face.  Creating an Areola, I know is going to have such a positive impact on that person’s life and I feel very privileged to make that happen.

Proudest moment in your career? My proudest moment was opening my own clinic. I have a beautiful, private and safe place for my clients to come and enjoy the experience.

Marmite: love it or hate it? I hate it :( 

Who is your hero? My Hero is my Dad. He is always positive and sees the good in everything. He knows the answers to all my questions and where to guide me. He can do anything, from sorting my IT problems to re-wiring a house. Not to mention that everyone loves him.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I love where I live, I have both Manchester the City of Culture and the Cheshire countryside on my doorstep. If I had to leave this country I could settle in Barbados, it's hot, everyone is laid back and they drive on the same side of the road as us. 

Want to learn from Marcia? Check out our Semi-permanent makeup courses, where Marcia thrives.

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